1. HAIR, 2019, solo exhibition in gallery Kim?, Latvia



    Works made of hair, ASMR video, documentary video installation, hairdressing performances. Foto by Ansis Starks


  2. THE NEST, 2018, mixed media, RIBOCA, Latvia

  3. A NEW DAY’S REGIMEN, 16mm film, audio SELECTA, 7:05, 2018


  5. PICKLED LONG CUCUMBERS, video work, 11:44, 2017

    Exhibition in collaboration with Andris Eglītis, photo Ansis Starks


  7. WILL O'THE WISP, Video, sound and building installation, with Andris Eglītis, Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India

  8. ENLIGHTENMENT IN THE BASEMENT, Video, sound and light installation, 2016, festival Survival Kit 8, Latvia

    Foto: Andrejs Strokins

  9. ARMPIT CALIFORNIA EDITION, (with Andris Eglitis), 2016, Coachella Music and Art festival, USA

  10. LOVE, 2016, video installation on 6 screens for exhibition "Identity. Behind the Curtain of Uncertainty", Kiev, Ukraine

  11. ARMPIT, (with Andris Eglitis), 2015, 56th Venice art biennale, Venice, Italia

    Foto: Ansis Starks

  12. UNTITLED, (with Andris Eglitis), 2014, Survival Kit 6, Contemporary Art Festival, Riga, Latvia

  13. BEFORE AND AFTER, 2014, 10x12 inch plate photography, Riga Art Space, Latvia

    Before–After. Girl, 3850 g, 20:30; Girl, 3850 g, 09:54 / 2014

    Before–After. Girl, 3850 g, 20:30; Girl, 3850 g, 09:54 / 2014

  14. MEMORY OF THINGS, video installation, 2012, gallery kim?, Latvia

    Foto: Andrejs Strokins 

  15. PRESS HOUSE, video installation on 3 screens, 2012, Finland

  16. IN REALITY, 2010, video installation on 8 screens, Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

  17. STRUCTOR STREET, video installation on 10 screens, digital print, 2006, Madrid, Spain

  18. SOLITUDE, 2005, Gallery Le Plateau, Paris, France

  19. SPAMATREX, 2005, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

  20. TRAFFIC, 2003, re:public, International Art and Culture Project in the suburbs of Riga, Latvia

  21. THE T-SHROOM, 2002, (with Pēteris Ķimelis), Malmo, Sweden and Gallery ibid.projects, London, UK

  22. WHAT IS IN A GIRLS HANDBAG?, 2002, The 6th Element, International Women Art Exhibition, Riga, Latvia

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