1. BAD ROADS, director Kristīne Krūze, New Riga Theatre, 2022

    The play is based on the play "Bad Roads" by Ukrainian playwright Natalia (Natalka) Vorozhbyt. The play is taking place in 2014/2015 in Donbas, because the war started there, and not in the spring of this year, but eight years ago.

    Whether we like it or not, we are all involved in this war. Even if the bombs do not explode over our heads yet, but thousands of kilometres away. For the first time in history, people have the opportunity to follow the war online, to watch its horrible scary face. For someone, these are not just pictures on the phone or computer screen, but the everyday life. In her work, the author has compiled documentary stories about the war in Donbas. The focus remains on an individual who is trying to adapt and survive. War is like a litmus test casting light in the darkest corners of everyone. No one can hide.

    photos by Jānis Deināts

  2. DON GIOVANNI, 2021, director Elmo Nuganen, Teater Vanemuine, Tartu

  3. BEE MATTER, 2021,Director Iveta Pole, Kanutti Guildi Saal, Tallin

    This mixed media performance addresses the challenge of manifesting the complex reality through the extended metaphor of bees and is structured through three main agential types: a Queen, a drone and a worker. The indivisibility of reality suggests to us ever-widening circuits of existence, located in the agential manifestation of life.

  4. THE COLD VIRGIN AND OTHER NARATIVES by Jorn Riel, set design and costumes (costumes in collaboration with Berta Vilipsone), 2020, Latvia

    Foto: Jānis Deināts

  5. REMEMBER/SAVN 2, multimedia performance about mourning,2019, MarienlystSlot, Denmark

  6. REMEMBER/SAVN, multimedia performance about mourning, theatre GROB, 2017, Copenhagen

  7. THE GOOD PERSON OF SZECHWAN, Director Elmārs Seņkovs, set design, video artist, 2017, Riga Russian Theatre, Riga, Latvia

  8. SALOME, 2017, Director Marat Gatsalov, video artist, Mariinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg

  9. PILNA MĀRAS ISTABIŅA, Director Inese Mičule, set design, video artist, costume design, 2016, Latvian New Theatre, Latvia

    Foto: Jānis Deināts

  10. DAMNATION DE FAUST,Director Alvis Hermanis, 2015, video artist, Opera de Bastille, Paris

    Foto: Felipe Sanguinetti

  11. STUM STUM, 2014, Director Ģirts Ēcis, set design, video artist, costume design, New Riga Theater, Latvia

    Foto: Ansis Starks

  12. SAMSUNG SMART SESSIONS, 2013, Latvia

  13. DAUKA, 2012, Director Ināra Slucka, Latvian National Opera, Latvia

  14. CANTANDO Y AMANDO, 2012, Latvian National Opera, Riga

  15. EUGENE ONEGIN, Director Andrejs Žagars, 2010, Latvian National Opera, Latvia

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